Rewards and achievements

2010 SUDNJI DAN / FIRST PRIZE in the category Direct communication category for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2010 ADCC / SILVER in the category Graphic design for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2009 FESTO / Silver Bell Award for outdoor advertising – ZGRAF 10 ◦ Silver Bell Award for BUBAŠPARAC radio commercial

2008 OUTWARD / The best city light poster for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for Hladno pivo, as voted by the audience

2008 PORIN / The best CD booklet design “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno Pivo) ◦ nomination for the best CD booklet design “Na zapadu” (JINX)

2007 ZGRAF 10 / First prize for visual identity and campaign ZGRAF 10

2007 FESTO / Bronze Bell in the category Means of direct communication – for the design of the CD cover of the album “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno pivo)

2004 OUTWARD / 3rd place for billboard “Hypersigurnost” (Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank)


A member of HURA / Croatian Association of Advertising Agencies

A member of ADC Croatia / Art Directors Club Croatia

A member of HKKKKI / Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative & Cultural Industries (unoffic. tr.)

Bubašpara iPhone application, client: Raiffeisen stambena štedionica, 2011.

After television, radio, posters, flyers and various useful, but customary promotional materials, we have introduced Bubašpara into the virtual world. 
By the careful observation of needs and desires of Bubašpara target group, we have discovered an impressive interest and skills of children when using the technological devices of their parents. At the same time, by studying current mobile phone operating systems we have given priority - based on design and user-friendly principles - to the superior system of Apple's mobile devices and decided to embark on the adventure of designing and developing an iPhone application. Thereby we wanted to refresh the image of Bubašpara, reward its youngest customers, and those who feel that way, with free application, and provide Raiffeisen stambena štedionica with the status of the publisher of the first Croatian multimedia application for children.
This tedious process involved many hours of designing and programming, which resulted in Bubašpara application that includes Bubašpara game and many other video and audio contents. The application made its big debut at the Arena Center in the event called "Bubastična avantura" (engl. Bubastic adventure) that we organized in May. We organized a competition in Bubašpara game, a drawing corner and rides in Bubašpara plasma cars for the visitors of the event. Of course, Bubašpara herself was also there and she gladly posed with her youngest fans, and an experienced event hostess, Iva Šulentić, perfectly fitted into the whole theme.
Immediately upon arrival at the Apple Store, Bubašpara application was convincingly ranked No. 1 among children's games and reigned for nearly two weeks. Such success encouraged us to repeat the whole process and expand our game shortly.