Rewards and achievements

2010 SUDNJI DAN / FIRST PRIZE in the category Direct communication category for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2010 ADCC / SILVER in the category Graphic design for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2009 FESTO / Silver Bell Award for outdoor advertising – ZGRAF 10 ◦ Silver Bell Award for BUBAŠPARAC radio commercial

2008 OUTWARD / The best city light poster for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for Hladno pivo, as voted by the audience

2008 PORIN / The best CD booklet design “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno Pivo) ◦ nomination for the best CD booklet design “Na zapadu” (JINX)

2007 ZGRAF 10 / First prize for visual identity and campaign ZGRAF 10

2007 FESTO / Bronze Bell in the category Means of direct communication – for the design of the CD cover of the album “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno pivo)

2004 OUTWARD / 3rd place for billboard “Hypersigurnost” (Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank)


A member of HURA / Croatian Association of Advertising Agencies

A member of ADC Croatia / Art Directors Club Croatia

A member of HKKKKI / Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative & Cultural Industries (unoffic. tr.)

Frizitka, an interactive business card, client: Frizerski salon ZIG ZAG, 2010.



Frizitka, a business card of Zig-Zag Hair studio, resulted from the reflection on why the user goes to this particular hair studio and what makes her/him come back and why she/he recommends this hair studio to other people. We concluded that the answer lies in an experienced and professional handling of the scissors and original hair styles as the result of cutting, coloring and shaping. We decided to transfer both advantages of the hair studio on business cards and also provide the user’s children (bur also our inner child) with the opportunity to easily play with scissors while they wait for their mums and dads at the studio.  

So, we created these small "fuzzy" business cards. They were inspired by the traditional neighborhood advertising on street poles and front doors, where the phone number repeats at the bottom of A4 size paper and is designed in a way that interested passers-by can tear off and keep a piece of paper with the number.
By a similar principle, these interactive business cards transform the recipient into a skillful hairdresser. Folding the card and cutting the paper into strips, as marked out, opens up a world of endless styling possibilities for paper hairstyles. Frizitka can take on the appearance of a punk rocker, hip-hopper, baldy, Barbie doll, etc. Typical male and female colors and different "facial" expressions contribute to the effect of card personification.