Rewards and achievements

2010 SUDNJI DAN / FIRST PRIZE in the category Direct communication category for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2010 ADCC / SILVER in the category Graphic design for Frizitka – an interactive business card for Zig zag Hair studio

2009 FESTO / Silver Bell Award for outdoor advertising – ZGRAF 10 ◦ Silver Bell Award for BUBAŠPARAC radio commercial

2008 OUTWARD / The best city light poster for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for ZGRAF 10 ◦ The best billboard for Hladno pivo, as voted by the audience

2008 PORIN / The best CD booklet design “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno Pivo) ◦ nomination for the best CD booklet design “Na zapadu” (JINX)

2007 ZGRAF 10 / First prize for visual identity and campaign ZGRAF 10

2007 FESTO / Bronze Bell in the category Means of direct communication – for the design of the CD cover of the album “Knjiga žalbe” (Hladno pivo)

2004 OUTWARD / 3rd place for billboard “Hypersigurnost” (Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank)


A member of HURA / Croatian Association of Advertising Agencies

A member of ADC Croatia / Art Directors Club Croatia

A member of HKKKKI / Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative & Cultural Industries (unoffic. tr.)

Golf 7, client: AutoZubak, 2013.


AutoZubak is a leading company in the sale and maintenance of motor vehicles on the Croatian market, specialized in dealing Volkswagen Group cars. 
Golf 7 was built on the foundations of its predecessors who have been sold around the world in as many as 29 million pieces.  
Taking into consideration that we are talking about a top car dealer and one of the most popular and best-selling cars of all time, we came to the idea of referring to them as being - always on top of the charts.
In order to attract a greater number of customers on test drives in AutoZubak salons, we have further developed the musical analogy concept to best suit different means of communication. Thus we communicate Golf 7 as the ‘new release from the biggest car hitmakers’ that ‘sounds better than ever’ and a chance to try it out is 'not to be missed!'

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